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  • 115 S. Adams Street, Spokane, WA  99201 - 509-863-9904 

February 2 - March 30, 2018- Chris Kelsey- "Tangentia" Out From the Arc

Trackside Studio will feature for the month of February, ceramic sculpture by Trackside Studio founder, Chris Kelsey. Chris’s feature exhibit focuses on forms that have evolved from his ongoing research and personal development of ceramic composition with horizontal and vertical line intersecting a focal point sphere. Ceramic works are wood and electric fired, free standing and wall hung.



April 6 - 30, 2018 - Rob McKirdie & Tybre Newcomer - "Metamaquette"

Annual Invitational exhibit featuring the work of professionally working ceramic educators from our region.

  • Reception: First Friday, April 6, 5 - 8 pm

Titled "Metamaquette," Trackside Studio Ceramic Art Gallery is featuring “ models for future works”  by Spokane Falls Community College Art Department Faculty, Rob McKirdie and Tybre Newcomer.

The genesis of the exhibition comes from the Greek word “Meta" meaning beyond and the French word “maquette" meaning model, translating to “beyond the model."  The key to understanding the exhibition is that the maquette is not only a tool to explore future works; it embodies the thought process and state of mind when the work was created and is an artform itself.

Rob McKirdie joined the fine arts faculty at Spokane Falls Community College in 2015. He teaches classes in drawing, 3D Design and sculpture. He works with primarily wood and metal integrating found and fabricated objects together. His artistic practice focuses on mold making, fabrication and metal casting. Rob earned a BS in Sculpture and a BFA in Studio Practices in 2011 from Portland State University and an MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. A professional artist, Rob has shown nationally in galleries and museums. His work focusing on the intersection on technology and material culture.

Rob McKirdie Artist Statement:  “The Things that Shake Loose…”

Things that shake loose are often pieces of material culture that separate themselves from a larger context and settle within the mundane corners of transient paths. Because I am myself a transient and contingent human being, I find myself searching in those mundane corners for the sediment of material culture. It is here that I find my raw source material and motivation as a sculptor. As I transfer those things that shake loose from one mundane corner of the world to my own space I develop an interior dialogue with those things, rather like an archaeologist trying to reconstruct the identity of a particular culture through collected and discarded materials. My dialogue with the collected materials involves an in-depth physical and emotional investigation of the limits and impactfulness inherent within each object, and the possible relationships between that object and other objects or physical elements. I then test my findings against other notions or narratives that attempt to explore illuminating codes of the nexus, genesis, or revelation implicit in those materials that I have collected as a peripatetic traveler.

As a sculptor I am constantly testing the concepts of joinery and craftsmanship in relation to my source material. Through an investigations of that material I hope to come to a fuller understanding of each piece I collect. Such an understanding can present itself seamlessly or, at times, crudely, depending upon the limitations contained in the materials themselves. The connections I discover and represent in my work intend to express a fuller statement of the properties and possibilities or objects within a new contextual framework. Upon completion, my work suggests new identities, new ways of seeing, which not only echo the illuminating code of the past through the material but, discovers a new energy--ranging from the spiritual and sacred, to interactive process and playfulness, which in the end may be the same thing.

Tybre Newcomer was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri where he received his BFA in Ceramics at Missouri State University. He went on to receive his MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s-School for American Crafts with an emphasis in Ceramic Sculpture and a minor in Furniture Design. Tybre was an Artist in Residence at the Tainan National University of the Arts in Tainan, Taiwan and at Midwestern State University and in Wichita Falls, TX. He has taught at several institutions before joining Spokane Falls Community College in 2016 as an Instructor of Art. In addition to teaching, he maintains an active studio and exhibits his work nationally.

May 4 - 25, 2018 - In and Out of the Garden

An exhibit featuring works by Chris Kelsey, Mark Moore and Gina Freuen with ceramic works that can be used in the garden or to display the bounty of the garden. Mother's Day gift plantings in mini containers.

  • Reception: First Friday, May 4, 5 - 8 pm


August 3 - 31, 2018 - Annual "Cleaning Off the Shelves," Summer Sale

Annual studio sale of ceramics by Gina Freuen, Chris Kelsey and Mark Moore. $25. Grab Bags! Each bag had one piece by Gina, Chris and Mark in it. Blind picks.

  • Opening of Sale: First Friday, June 1st - 5 - 8 pm and Saturday, June 2nd - noon to 4 pm

September  7 - 28 - "Three Strong"

Mardis Nenno - Spokane, WA

Sarah Magar - Sook Harbor, BC Canada

Boni Parker - Ellensburg, WA